Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How to fix corrupt dvd drivers in Vista

James Sheehan : DVD drive not working needs drivers
[An agent will be with you shortly.]
[You are now chatting with Katelynn .]
Katelynn : Hello James.
Katelynn : Welcome to HP Total Care for Notebooks.
Katelynn : I understand that your CD/DVD is not working.Am I Right?
James Sheehan : yes
James Sheehan : I have vista 64bit and my dvd drive has a yellow mark in device manager
James Sheehan : device status says windows cannot load device driver
Katelynn : I see...
Katelynn : Thank you for the information.
Katelynn : Its unfortunate..
Katelynn : Since how long you are experiencing the issue?
James Sheehan : the laptop is pretty new and I dont think it ever worked
James Sheehan : laptop is like a month old
James Sheehan : today is the first time I really needed the drive so today is the first time I think I have tried to use it
Katelynn : I understand how frustrating the situation is.....
Katelynn : I realize the gravity of the situation and I certainly would like to assure you of our best services as your satisfaction is our primary goal.
Katelynn : May I ask you few questions regarding the issue?
James Sheehan : sure
Katelynn : May I know have you made any Software or hardware changes recently on your Notebook?
James Sheehan : no hardware
James Sheehan : I have installed Picassa
James Sheehan : quicktime
James Sheehan : Yahoo instant messenger
James Sheehan : maybe some others like that
Katelynn : Is there a CD/DVD icon listed under my computer?
James Sheehan : no
Katelynn : Alright.
Katelynn : In order to isolate the issue we need to perform few trouble shooting steps , is that okay with you ?
James Sheehan : y
Katelynn : James, let me expalin.
James Sheehan : I am ready
Katelynn : In this case there won't be any CD/DVD drivers available for any notebook.
Katelynn : Normally some times due to the changes made in the Notebook causes the drivers of the CD/DVD drive to get corrupted an that causes these sporadic behaviour of the drive, removing the filters resolves the issue.

James Sheehan : ok
James Sheehan : I follow
James Sheehan : how do I remove the filters.
Katelynn : Sure, I will help you with the steps in this regard.
Katelynn : Please perform the below given steps.
Katelynn : Open device manager.

Katelynn : 1. Tap Window key(flag key on the keyboard) and R key on the keyboard, at once. You would see the Run window on the screen.

Katelynn : 2. Type devmgmt.msc and Click Ok.
James Sheehan : open
Katelynn : Click on the '+' sign near the CD/DVD drive and let me know the devices under it.
James Sheehan : hl-dt-st dvdram gsa-t50l ata device
Katelynn : Just to confirm is there now a yellow exclamation mark on the device.
James Sheehan : yes
Katelynn : Thank you for the confirmation.
Katelynn : Now, right click on CD/DVD drive you have and click on uninstall driver.
James Sheehan : k
James Sheehan : uninstalled
Katelynn : Alright.
Katelynn : 1. Now click Start , and enter "regedit " into the Start Search field. The registry editor window appears.
Katelynn : 2. Select Computer in the main window.

James Sheehan : k
Katelynn : 3.Click File , Export , type a filename that is easy for you to remember, and click Save . A copy of the registry has saved for back-up purposes to the Documents folder. If problems occur after using these steps, browse to the file and double-click it to restore the registry.
James Sheehan : it is backing up now
James Sheehan : done
Katelynn : Alright.
Katelynn : We are done upto some extent.
Katelynn : 4. Click the plus sign ( + ) next to the following items in the list:
Katelynn :
5.Select CLASS option
Katelynn : 6.Select 4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318 . Make sure you have selected this exact key name.
James Sheehan : k
Katelynn : 7.Select the LowerFilters value and press the Delete key. Confirm the deletion by clicking Yes
Katelynn : 8.If an UpperFilters value is also listed, select UpperFilters in the right window and press the Delete key. Confirm the deletion by clicking Yes .

James Sheehan : k deleted
Katelynn : Delete either of the options you see.

James Sheehan : There was only lower and I deleted it..
Katelynn : That's good.
Katelynn : I appreciate your efforts.
Katelynn : Open device manager again , Once just click on the computer option in the device manager first and then click on the Action menu on the top of the Device Manager window and select the option "Scan for hardware changes".
James Sheehan : ok drive is back in "computer"
James Sheehan : also no yellow mark in device manager
Katelynn : That's Great!
Katelynn : Perfect!!!
James Sheehan : it is reading my cd as well..
Katelynn : Thank you for the appreciation. Without your co-operation, I would have been ineffective.
James Sheehan : what causes this
Katelynn : Now, please try playing a dvd or cd in order to check whether the disc drive works and let me know if it works ?

James Sheehan : you said the install of another program? hmm
Katelynn : That's nice.
James Sheehan : I am installing quicken as we speak

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